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Xkill's mini - how to snowball a project

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  • Xkill's mini - how to snowball a project

    So, this is the story of my mini and how it snowballed from a RTR mini Pro that I bought to a mostly custom rig.

    I bought it in the summer of 2018 with the plan of competing in Eurocrawl in Austria in September 2019 with it.
    It was running rig and going fine, but that didn't last any time at all....
    I started designing and printing parts from the start, custom rear lockouts (with link and shocks support) and upper link mount.
    But... To make these parts I modeled in CAD the axle.... So... with the axle already in CAD the next step was to build a chassis.
    And since I was making a chassis why not make custom gear cases for OD and UD on the axles?!

    It snoballed FAST and I finished the rig the day before I traveled to Austria in September of 2019.
    I went there with a lot of home made 3d parts and everything untested.

    The rig performed GREAT and lasted the comp without any problem.
    I got a 9th place out of 20 something drivers!!

    And my stock mini Pro got rebuilt and was borrowed to some friends and finished in 7th place! Totally stock!!!!! It was great to see it perform.

    Now it's a bit different.
    It still has the same Sanwa PGS-CL servo but the ESC is now a Momba micro X and I'm running a outrunner motor.
    Much better combo with a lot of control compared with the Novak system, specially downhill.

    Evolution continues for this little car and new parts are being design.

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    oh WOW .... you werent kidding about snowballing into something bigger. Great job on the printed parts, and incredible out of the box thinking.

    Cant wait to see more.


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      It got a bit out of hand...
      But it has been a very interesting project.

      I made some pin tires for the front recently, removed the dlux knuckles and changed for Bully V1 knuckles and tungsten weights.
      And I'm also thinking about changing the front axles a bit, I´m not happy with that servo location.


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        This rig is the perfect example of passion for this hobby and of needless invention ... why? You have another mini... You know what I'm talking about right?!

        Now seriously... Excellent project, and the car is getting more and more perfect! I admire that...

        It is not easy to work in such small cars.. Even putting the battery in these little ones can be a real challenge to anyone's mental health!!!


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          The need for it was to have more OD/UD that what is available in the stock car with the traxxas pinion mod.
          And also it's a challenge!

          This has been a lot of fun (and frustration).
          The backup rig is a great performer


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            The servo that I was using (A Sanwa), apparently had a pr0blem from factory.
            It would glitch a lot and it would get burning hot!

            It was time for a replacement.
            I got this KingMax 04L, a brand that I didn't know at all but that one guy was running and was very happy with.
            For about 65USD or something like that I took a gamble.
            And yes, it payed of so far!

            Specs are very impressive!
            40Kg/cm on a low profile is impressive!

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Photo Resizer 2020_12_18_12_41_56.jpg Views:	0 Size:	119.9 KB ID:	667

            I already tested and I'm impressed.
            Plenty strong on the mini, quiet (not that it matters so much with a outruner noise all the time), and runs really cool.
            Super happy at the time!

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Photo Resizer 2020_12_18_12_40_54.jpg Views:	0 Size:	98.3 KB ID:	668

            Only time will tell if it lasts....
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              Some mini free crawl to test the servo.
              So far so good!!


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                What kind of esc and motor are you using?

                Edit: Have to learn to read the first post
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200114_184531.jpg
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                  Not a problem.
                  Mamba micro X and this cheap motor I got from hobbyking.
                  It's a 3.175mm shaft so it's perfect!
                  But it's also bigger so I had to make a custom motor mount (the 3d printed has worked great and I didn't make it out of G10 yet), and "massage" the gear box a bit with the dremel...
                  If I remember well I use a 12t pinion and had to go to 3S.
                  I want to try 13t pinion just to have a bit more punch.

                  I have some teeth skiping on the front axle when the rig is under stress.... I have to take it appart and shim the hell out of it!

                  On the future plans is a total rebuild...
                  AR44 based axles (now there's OD and UD available), that are much tougher and a redesigned chassis.
                  Then just the gearbox to make custom, but it's not easy getting that low ratio...


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                    Decided to redesign the chassis with the stuff I have been learning for the last (almost) 2 years that this rig is running.

                    It's a bit taller with some more space for the shocks.
                    Looks the same but every part has been changed.

                    Nevermind that front axle setup. It is something that I was working on some time ago because I'm not happy where my servo is.
                    But for now I will abandon that.
                    I will probably build a AR44 based axle from scratch at some point.

                    The new chassis is called "Space Invador".

                    I will 3d print it and test fit. If everything looks nice I will cut it out of G10.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_247.jpg
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Slant_Skid_Chassis Assembly_v3_2.JPG
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Slant_Skid_Chassis Assembly_v3_5.JPG
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Slant_Skid_Chassis Assembly_v3_7.JPG
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                      Heyyyyyy !
                      good job... front axle is the most complicated to design... waiting that space invador in action
                      keep going dude !