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1.9 Mini Class Vehicle Rules

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  • 1.9 Mini Class Vehicle Rules

    1.9 Mini Class Vehicle Breakdown

    2.4 - Mini Class:
    ▪ 2.4.1 - Vehicle wheelbase is limited to a maximum of 8.5”/215.9mm.
    ▪ 2.4.2 - Vehicle track width is limited to a maximum of 8.5”/215.9mm.
    ▪ 2.4.3 - Wheel/ rim is limited to 1.9”/48.26mm or smaller at the bead surface. Wheels may be modified provided that the tire bead surface does not exceed 1.9”/48.26mm in diameter. With a tire mounted no exterior component of the wheel including but not limited to the bead lock ring shall exceed 2.2”/55.88mm
    ▪ 2.4.4 - Tires may be modified from other sized tires using only a pliable rubber but must not exceed a total uncompressed outer diameter of 4.95”/125.73mm.
    ▪ 2.4.5 - Vehicles are limited to 2-wheel steering on front axle only.
    ▪ 2.4.6 - Vehicles are limited to the use of 2 channels radio control (one for steering & one for throttle) only. Neither channel can be used to perform more than one function. Radio systems with more than 2 channels are allowed but only 2 channels can be used to control the vehicle.
    ▪ 2.4.7 - Vehicles are limited to 1 ESC & 1 servo only.
    ▪ 2.4.8 - Vehicles are limited to 1 motor powering both of the axles.
    ▪ 2.4.9 - No driver controlled devices, other than steering and throttle control, will be allowed. Independent throttle control to the front or rear axles (“burn” or “dig”),(winching down the axles, and forced articulation are not allowed in this class.)
    ▪ 2.4.10 - Vehicle body/ bodiless measurements must be greater than or equal to 6.75"/171.54mm overall length, 2.5"/63.5mm overall width, and 2.75"/69.85mm overall height.