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Rule #2. 6.2. Wheel size...

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  • Rule #2. 6.2. Wheel size...

    Hy guys.

    The first time i saw that there are 2.2 wheels allowed i thought it was a little fault and asked about it.

    It seems that it is no fault and i would like to ask which reason(s) are behind this?

    What are the pros and what are the cons?

    I don't want to open a endless debate, so please don't get me wrong here.

    Regards Frank

    ​​​​​​...and keep always one tire on the rocks.

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    Marc Dunlap Figured I would tag you on this .....

    Marc was the driving force behind the rules - maybe he could help the 'discussion' as to the why of it.

    I personally think it was a good choice on allowing 2.2 wheels but keeping to a set tire height and production only tires. It seems the easiest way to keep the can closed of modifying tires and driving the cost up for builds. Also the 2.2 wheel allows for knuckle weights to help with performance since 1.9 wheels limit the space.


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      Thanks for your reply. I think it's no problem to run 2.2 rims with 1.9 tires. It's the same in Class 2, so what.

      A good thing is the "limitation" (if there is any) to 1.9 tires. There is a large choice of them.

      My Performance Class rig is in progress, i like this class a lot and will try to establish it in Germany.

      Regards Frank
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        More to come soon...
        Click image for larger version

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          Looks very good Frank! Great to see you back in the hobby!


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            Originally posted by Zarizi Tech View Post
            Looks very good Frank! Great to see you back in the hobby!
            Thanks, i'm always "stalking" the crawler scene and guys like you gave me the inspiration to carry on and become active again.


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              Hi Frank!

              I think the rule of 2.2 wheels with 1.9 tires came from the fact that some guys in some class were already allowed to run it like that.
              It was a way to integrate them without the need to modify their cars and also allow more knuckle weight.
              It's easy to stretch the 1.9 over the 2.2.

              Your rig looks good!
              You have great skills so I hope to see you back in the 2.2 class as well


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                Thanks for your reply.

                Yes, it's very close to Class 2. I'd asked because on FB was a version with 1.9 wheels only. It makes sense this way.

                2.2, hmmmm...

                ​​​​​​...never say never

                Cheers Frank