Super Class Vehicle Rules

2.2 - Super Class:
▪ 2.2.1 - Vehicle wheelbase is limited to a minimum of 16”/406.4mm. and a maximum of 18”/457.2mm.
▪ 2.2.2 - No limits to steering configuration.
▪ 2.2.3 - Wheel/ rim is limited to a minimum 3.2”/81.28mm or larger at the bead surface. Wheels may be modified provided that the tire bead surface is not less than 3.2”/81.28mm. in diameter.
▪ 2.2.4 - Tires may be modified from other size tires using only a pliable rubber.
▪ 2.2.5 - Vehicle body/ bodiless measurements must be greater than or equal to 12"/304.8mm. overall length, 3"/76.2mm. overall width, and 3"/76.2mm. overall height.