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Krazed Builds 2.2S Pneuma

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  • Krazed Builds 2.2S Pneuma

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    Pneuma - definition: the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person

    Note: You must pick either no color (standard black) or a color from the drop down list when ordering. Colored parts are printed on order - Please allow 3-4 days for printing and assembly.

    Building off our achievements from the un-Stuck line of chassis's we are bringing our third generation to the popular 2.2S class of competition. With the evolution of drivers, equipment and courses we went straight to our notes and did a complete ground up redesign. No tweaking or optimizing geometries, this is straight from winning information and prototypes to production.

    Although portal axles are not new to the sport we now have some great options to use. Basing everything off of the Axial Capra portal axles we started with our notes from the 2018 Portal truck we built. We looked at everything written down and went to the world of 1:1 to educate and learn more from.

    Balancing the suspension front to back was our first tackle. We looked to keep our chassis in a neutral feel with proven lower link triangulation. Our designing was able to provide a kick up in the rear of the chassis for clearance while not disturbing this geometry.

    Looking to weight transfer we found our upper link math to provide smooth transitions. We worked to create front and rear upper link adjustments separate from each other. We never liked the huge swing in feel we found and see on many other chassis.

    We believe our independent adjustments allow for a more noticeable feel of weight transfer. Our rear anti-squat adjustments provide a smoother and better window while the front dive adjustments help adjust weight on the axle more aggressively. Tuning anti-squat and axle bounce is more noticeable now, no more of the too much or not enough feeling. And adjustments in the front uppers allow for the axles to carry more of the vehicles natural weight instead of having to use a boat anchor of weight.

    After this we went to our shock angles. In our designs we have always kept to certain angles and we still feel these are the best to use. The problem we feel with laying shocks down too much is they only work to a point. Once that point is reached then they do nothing for us. We find ourselves increasing our oils to slow them down or keep our weight pushed forward through the chassis. Even 1:1 rigs have their theory of shock locations and you rarely see a good rig with shocks layed down as much as we see in a lot of chassis out there. At some point you reach the limit of using the oil and spring to do what theyre suppose to do.

    Once we had our geometry points layed out then it became the cosmetic styling. Now function over looks is what we are always after, we feel our chassis appearance is appealing to the eye. When you add in the effects of 3D printing we definitely brought some color on to accent the whole truck.

    Now all this designing doesnt mean we only pushed to use portal axles. Our final task was to overlay our National winning Gen2 un-Stuck and see how it compared to the Pneuma. This would show us how the Pneuma would compare on the traditional style axles we have been using for years. We found our balance and weight transfer to be in the same design window we were using for portal axles. Now it may sound like nothing changed after saying that, I can assure you they are different. What this meant to us was even the older axles could benefit on the Pneuma, making it a chassis that could raise the level of competition.

    Every kit will come with a 3D printed skid. We have been utilizing this for the past few years and have spent 100's of hours on our printers fine tuning them. We have a high level of trust in the material and use of printed skids. Every skid will come standard in black PETG filament and with no transmission holes. With all the options for transmissions we felt this was the best way to allow drivers to choose themselves. This also allows drivers to decide if they want a motor forward or rearward setup for weight bias. You will need to drill and mount your own transmission holes, a rather simple thing.

    The skids will also come with 4mm shims for lower link triangulation adjustments. This will give drivers a tuning ability to make roll center changes. While it may seem like a small adjustment it is a noticeable one.

    Whats included in standard kit:
    • 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Side Plates
    • 4x 5mm Diameter Aluminum Cross Braces
    • 3D Printed Black PETG Skid - unless color is noted when ordering. Standard skid is blank to allow you to drill and mount any transmission of your choice.
    • All Necessary Screw Hardware

    Options Available:
    • 3D Printed Color Edging - you pick the color and we glue it in place. Nice way to add contrast and zing to your crawler. This is a permanent thing once done, color edges are not changeable once installed.
    • 4mm Carbon Fiber Front Axle Electronics/Battery Plate - bolts directly onto stock Capra Front Axle. Offsets servo and battery for better front bias. Available separately Here
    • 3D Printed PETG Colored Skid - you pick the color when ordering.
    • 3D Printed PETG Skid for Dlux Hamberg Trans w/spacer to clear lower links.

    Shapeways Options: Available options through our Shapeways Store Directly
    • Body Mounts - not structurally needed but makes mounting bodies easier. Front -- Rear
    • Blank Skids - need a new skid or want to use a different color you can get them there.
    • Capra Lower Spring Cups - no more taking the ball end off to change springs or having a spring pop off and cause problems while driving.
    • Dlux Hamburg skids for mounting Hamburg skid with motor forward or backwards.

    Builders Info:
    • Front Lower Links - 132mm eye to eye using Capra ball ends
    • Front Upper Links - 108mm eye to eye (recommend .125 rod w/Traxxas small ball ends)
    • Rear Lower Links - 138mm eye to eye using Traxxas 4mm ball ends
    • Rear Upper Links - 115mm eye to eye (recommend .125 rod w/Traxxas small ball ends)