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  • Vendor Applications

    Want to advertise on

    Get your own dedicated Forum Channel.
    * Fully controlled and moderated by you the owner.
    * Access to Author and control the Site included Blog.
    * Access to our Site included Events Calendar
    *Promote your products here
    *Help customers find your stuff and ask questions.

    Your Channel will be moderated by you. will step in for assistance if asked.
    We believe your channel should be your control. Post - Chat - Sell .... as you want.

    It is your business, we just help provide the space.

    To Apply Start a thread in this section with:

    *The Company Name as the Thread Topic*

    Post Information:
    *Company Name you want as the Forum Channel.
    *Company Website - Facebook link - Shapeways link (we will use this to review validity of company).
    *Type of Service and/or Products you currently offer.
    *Any Name change (or profile changes) you yourself may want done to your profile.
    *Any additional registered members you may want allowed to control your channel.
    *Any additional information you may think could help in approving your vendor channel.

    We will review all information and be in contact with in 3-5 business days.
    All information you can provide will help in approving your channel.

    Your product line and information will be reviewed.
    Be aware - any products that are copy and resells of other current companies will not be approved.
    Chinese knock offs need not apply.

    Grow your customer base here with helpful information on how to get your products. Help customers with building, setups or just showing it off.