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    Long story shortened to my Moa.
    I was lucky enough to get a chance at driving for 5th Dimension when Chris Boggs bought the designs and company. I knew it was a bad ass design from when Travis was working on it and loved the look of it. From the get go I had some remembering to do after taking 3 years off from the hobby but the chassis made things easier.

    Along the way to the present I was able to drive and tune the truck and even make some changes to it as more of a tester. Having the ability to design and cut parts I tried all sorts of things to better the truck. Not that I thought anything was wrong with it, I just wanted to see what changes would do. I was also able to relay that info and findings back to Boggs and help with information for the team. Its not about being the best for me, its about being able to help the team grow. 5D definately has some of the most incredible drivers and just all around great people.

    So onto the present ..... Whats inside ....

    XR10 Axles front and rear. I was running our KR4 rear axle for a couple seasons with much success but it wasnt letting me try a new setup. Switching back to the XR10 rear let me lower my roll centers all the way around.
    Also on the front I was running the upper links high using 3mm spacers under the axle mount. I took those out and went back to stock height. This with the rear change let me lower the RC's all around and Im loving it. Very agressive and very predictable.

    SCX Shocks - no they dont leak. I actually rebuilt them recently using the X-rings that Vanquish sells for their shocks. They fit perfect and with some green slime I havent seen them leak yet!
    For springs Im still using the trusty Losi MiniT silvers front and rear. I put the yellow pistons from our SCX tuner sets in both front and rear to help with balance. For oils Im running 35wt front and 60wt rear. Although I think the front is a little too stiff, it takes a bit longer to compress so Im gonna drop the oil to 30wt front and leave the rear alone.

    Motors - Team Brood! Being a long time fan of Brood and knowing Eddies history and knowledge you cant go wrong with the custom built motors he gets you. Control and Power no matter where your trigger finger is at.

    Tires for now are some simple Voodoo Silvers but Im anxiously waiting to get some new Prolines in hand to try.

    Other then that its simple electronics. Hitec 7950 Servo - they have never let me down and always been more then enough power. ESC's are Holmes Minis all wired through the Sanwa MT4 Radio, long live the thumb lever!

    And all that gets wrapped up to weight in at 3.8lbs ...... Ive never had much luck below the 4.00* mark at all but this new link setup Im playing with has really helped closed the window of tuning mistakes and makes the truck drive like a dream.

    With this being a new forum I wanted to get some pictures going on the long life Ive had with the Dominator and keep it going with the future I see of driving it. Im not the type of driver to jump ships to follow others. When I reach the end of a trucks ability I look to move on but this one surprises me everytime I drive it.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	A_IMG_0354.png Views:	0 Size:	534.8 KB ID:	182
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    Just a few action shots from Rausch Creek NENC a couple years - Finished 3rd on the podium that day.
    The truck was spot on with 1 course costing me some critical points at the second slot.

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	21246160_1851272131555471_5208711951527476867_o.jpg
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      Some action shots from this past weekend now up in Fort Wetherill - 2 years after these NENC pics and the truck is still incredible.
      Had 3 GREAT courses and 1 DNF course. Got greedy from the get go doing a Bonus I had no business doing lol. But finished 2nd for the day among top tier drivers even after that.

      Playing with some new stup stuff on the truck and definately feels like the right direction.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	105009081_2676953572551763_2645055722419567844_n.jpg
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        Fort Weather Hill looks like a killer spot!


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          That looks like a really nice rig!
          Was it easy to match the KR4 to the XR10 gearing?
          How would they compare in weight?


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            Good looking car. I like those wheels. Yours? I'm guessing at sub 4lbs you are not running much or any hub weight? Last I looked your shock piston tuner kits were sold out. Those coming back?