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project "decade" codename: PORK CHOP

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  • project "decade" codename: PORK CHOP

    Hows it goin all? this is my first complete Berg build but not my first moa rig. i should have went this route a long time ago for 2.2p. so i decided to keep it pretty simple and use as many parts that i could that were available 10 years ago. i know the knuckles are not a decade old, but i needed something that was easily acsessable. ptretty stocked i got this build done in 3 days after recieving that last bits i was waiting on. i will upload more videos and photos in the future. i do plan on taking this to supershafty fall crawl every year i can make it. just between the few tests i have ran this rig.. its just too fun not to. it will never hang with a outfitted up to date 2.2p but all i will do is try. my next build will be dlux fab super lite's with a ventru 2.2s sideplate setup and i will probably run a deringer body. i like lexan bodies. anyways, enough chatter.. here are the specs.


    DX4C Tx
    SR310 Rx
    HeyOk 3 position dig switch
    Dual Holmes hobbies crawlmaster sport 16t motors
    Axial (dynamite) AE-5 esc
    Kosmik ST-9130 servo


    Stock berg V1 housings and tubes
    unknown gears
    DLUXFAB missing link locker up front with xr10 unis. Dlux knuckles brass no holes with brass lower plate and aluminum upper plate
    Stock locker in rear with dogbones, ax10 knuckle shaved with aluminum lockout (cant remember the brand)


    chaotic crawlers Demon chassis
    spacers are from ecx temper (1st gen) upper links
    lower links appear to be from chaotic crawlers, uppers seem to be home made and bent.
    electronics tray made from some thin black abs

    Tires/ wheels:

    Panther meat grinder treads. 2 inch wide fronts and 1.75 inch wide rears
    Jconcepts rupture 2.2 sidewalls
    Crawler innovations 5.5 tall double duce regular wide inners with rounded edges
    Crawler innovations 6 bolt 1.5 inch wide wheels
    SLW hubs all the way around. don't remember the offset. I will measure them later.

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    picture of the custom servo mounting plate.
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      test from phone on google web using "mobile site"


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        Interesting concept a decades build. Any reasons why you wanted to go this way