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2.2S Sportsman Vehicle Rules

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  • 2.2S Sportsman Vehicle Rules

    2.2S Sportsman Rules Class Breakdown.

    2.5 - Sportsman Class: ▪ 2.5.1 - Vehicle wheelbase is limited to a maximum of 12.5”/317.5mm.
    ▪ 2.5.2 - Vehicle track width is limited to a maximum of 12.5”/317.5mm.
    ▪ 2.5.3 - Wheel/ rim is limited to 2.2”/55.88mm or smaller at the bead surface. Wheels may be modified, provided that the tire bead surface does not exceed 2.2”/55.88mm in diameter. With a tire mounted, no exterior component of the wheel, including but not limited to, the bead lock ring shall exceed 2.55"/64.77mm.
    ▪ 2.5.4 -Tires may be modified from other sized tires using only a pliable rubber, but must not exceed a total uncompressed outer diameter of 6 inches.
    ▪ 2.5.5 - Vehicles are limited to 2-wheel steering only.
    ▪ 2.5.6 - Bodied Vehicles only, typically a lexan body that is removable from chassis. Bodiless vehicles are prohibited. Bodies must be of original width and resemble a 1:1 vehicle with cab, door, and hood panels. Vehicle “body” measurements must be greater than or equal to 8"/203.2mm overall length, 3"/76.2mm overall width, and 3"/76.2mm overall height.
    ▪ 2.5.7 - Vehicles are limited to the use of 2 radio channels (one for steering & one for throttle) only. Neither channel can be used to perform more than one function. Radio systems with more than 2 channels are allowed, but only 2 channels may be used to control the vehicle.
    ▪ 2.5.7 - Vehicles are limited to 1 ESC, 1 Motor & 1 servo only.
    ▪ 2.5.8 - Motor must be chassis mounted. Motor mount cannot be part of or directly coupled to an axle.