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Dravpnir builds somthing Scale-ish with Performance

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  • Dravpnir builds somthing Scale-ish with Performance

    It is time to build a new Performance Scale as my old almost stock TRX4 is not up for the task anymore. The goal is to have it up and running for EuroCrawl 2022.

    The axles I will use will be the True Spider axles with axial OD/UD gears. I didn't like the stock options for the upper link mounts on these axles, so I have made some new ones. For the front they will be 3D printed and in the rear they will consist of 2 CF plates. I have also designed some weight holders for the knuckles so I can use tungsten rods instead of the stock brass weights that came with the axles. Much easier to adjust the weights in this manner. I don´t plan to run any weights in the rear so some adjustability in the front will be a good thing.

    Chassis and Body:
    I had a plan for the chassis, but then the rules changed and allowed more sporty-like chassis, so I changed my plans. I started with the SuDuOne FL and redesigned it so it fulfills all the requirements for the Performance Scale class. I also modified the chassis so it fits the Proline Cliffhanger body I will use for this build. I use a sway bar on my shafty and I like it, so I added a sway bar mount for this chassis as well.
    The transmission will use Dluxfab SAF low ratio gears. The skid got a bit on the large side but the sides are beveled so the footprint is smaller than it looks. Perhaps I will redesign the skid later on. The bonus of a larger skid is that I got room to add a mounting plate for esc and rx behind the transmission. The battery will be mounted in front of the motor.

    Wheels and tires:
    The wheels will be 2.2 CF wheels with an offset face to be ok accordingly to the rules. The tires will be the narrow 2.2 Baja MTZ tires from RC4WD. I plan to start with the foam that the tires comes with and see if I need to change them or not.

    I will use my standard Sanwa MT4 for rx/tx and a SHV800 servo from Holmes Hobbies. For the esc and motor I have not decided. I would like to test a Revolver V2 380 2000kv motor with Crawlmaster Mini V2 esc. If that motor isn't up for the task I am planning to go with a brushed setup with a BR Mini esc and a Crawlmaster Magnum Stubby 13T. For batteries I will use the same Nanotech 450mAh 3s lips I use for my Pro and Shafty.

    Teaser shot from the CAD software.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	pscale1.png Views:	0 Size:	245.5 KB ID:	946

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    Last Thursday I got a nice little package from Shapeways which made me able to officially start building this rig
    Click image for larger version

Name:	pscale2.jpg
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    I haven´t received the CF parts yet though, so I started to test fit the printed parts with some printed plates that I used when designing the chassis. It all looks to fit and line up great. The cross bracers are designed to use M6 nylon hardware to mount the body to the chassis. Like the old Gunnar Mounts which I really liked.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	pscale11.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	pscale14.jpg
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    Placement of the Swaybar mounts looks good.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	pscale12.jpg
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    The skid as a small platform behind the transmission for mounting the esc and rx.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	pscale6.jpg
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      The chassis was also designed with the Proline Cliffhanger body in mind. I think I got the fitment of the chassis to the body pretty well.

      The version I will have cut in CF will move the front bumper mount up about 1.5mm so it sits just below where the grill of the body ends.


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        I also got the parts for the True Spider axles I plan to use with this rig. First a pair of weight holders for tungsten weights instead of the stock brass weights. This allows for easier adjustability of the weight balance. The holder is also designed so it fits inside a 2.2 bead to be legal for Performance Scale.

        I also got a upper link mount to allow for higher link placement. It is a small piece that is mounted behind the servo mount and has captured locknuts. It gives me the option to run around the same height of the upper links as on my shafty.


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          The Pictures in the Last posts dont Work unfortunately.