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CANCELLED: EuroCrawl 2021 - Finland

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    2021 EuroCrawl Performance Scale class sponsor will be Procrawler® & Flatgekko™ from Hungary!
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      2021 EuroCrawl Mini class sponsor will be Hobbyfactory from Finland!
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        2021 EuroCrawl Sportsman class sponsor will be Fanatic RC from France!


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          2021 EuroCrawl Super class sponsor will be RC4WD from United States of America!


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            2021 EuroCrawl Pro class sponsor will be Psycho'Pat Crawler Parts from France!



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              Unfortunately due to the ever continuing struggles of Covid-19 pandemic the 2021 EuroCrawl is cancelled and not postponed till further date this year. The situation in Finland and Europe has gone worse and worse and really at the moment we can't see the light in the end of the tunnel. This is the reason ERCCA is now pulling back from competition oraganizing until the pandemic has gone properly away. There's no point on arranging competition like this for only few people. All participation money will be returned today for those who have already paid.

              With this sad cancellation comes another one; also 2021 Nordics which were supposed to be held in Norway on June are cancelled and not postponed till later date of the year. We are very sorry about this but the whole World is at a bad state right now. Time to grow locally and nationally if covid restrictions allow.

              We wish you healthy and happy season in your own countries,
              - Samu Sarka and ERCCA group.