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EuroCrawl 2021 - Finland

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  • EuroCrawl 2021 - Finland

    EuroCrawl 2021 - RC Comp Crawling European Championships
    20th & 21st & 22nd of August 2021
    Performance Scale - Mini - Sportsman - Super - Pro
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    Thursday 19th of August
    ​​​​​​12.00 Free practise
    18.00 Pre tech (all classes)
    22.00 Sauna

    Friday 20th of August
    07.00 Course building (Performance Scale & Mini)
    08.30 Tech (Performance Scale)
    08.50 Drivers meeting (Performance Scale)
    09.00 Courses 1-5 (Performance Scale)
    15.00 Tech (Mini)
    15.20 Drivers meeting (Mini)
    15.30 Courses 1-5 (Mini)
    19.30 Course disassembly
    21.30 Prize ceremony (Performance Scale & Mini)
    22.00 Sauna
    Saturday 21st of August
    07.00 Course building (Sportsman & Super)
    08.30 Tech (Sportsman)
    08.50 Drivers meeting (Sportsman)
    09.00 Courses 1-5 (Sportsman)
    15.00 Tech (Super)
    15.20 Drivers meeting (Super)
    15.30 Courses 1-5 (Super)
    19.30 Courses disassembly
    21.30 Prize ceremony (Sportsman & Super)
    22.00 Sauna

    Sunday 22nd of August
    07.00 Course building (Pro)
    08.00 Tech (Pro)
    08.20 Drivers meeting (Pro)
    08.30 Courses 1-7 (Pro)
    19.00 Final course building (Pro)
    20.00 Finals (Pro)
    21.30 Prize ceremony (Pro, Overall, Best Country, Ladies & Junior)
    22.00 Sauna

    **Schedule is a thing to change based on the amount of drivers!

    Course desing

    Performance Scale, Mini, Sportsman and Super will all run 5 courses. Pro class will run 7 qualification courses and one final course for top 5 drivers after qualification. Final course for five drivers will be driven right after Pro has finished the qualification courses. Courses contain 10 regular + 2 bonus gate worth -10 points. Time limit is five minutes. If you are running out of time you may "buy" extra minutes (max. 2min) to finish the course. One minute is worth +10 points. Final course has 10 regular gates and 5 bonus gates worth -10 points each. Time limit is six minutes. Buying time is not allowed.


    Five best drivers are qualifed for finals in Pro. Finals will be driven after the qualification courses. Points will continue from where they stand after the qualification.


    We will drive with WRCCA 2021 rules. You can find them here: (link coming)


    - Time limit is five minutes. If you are running out of time you may "buy" extra minutes (max. 2min) to finish the course. One minute is worth +10 points.

    Be sure to know it!


    Here is the important bit you need to read. We want to make this competition our joint effort. That's why we have chosen the most efficient way of judging; group modus.

    We will split the drivers in groups. Each group will drive one course simultaneously. We will make the groups based on the level of the drivers. Each group should have experienced drivers, semi experienced drivers and new comers. Each group has group chief, who will be resposible of the group. Judging etc... We will try to put two drivers from one country to each group, so nobody is left "alone".
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      Reposaari, Finland!4d21.4215186

      (Siikaranta Camping)
      Reposaaren maantie 1073
      28900 Pori

      260km from Helsinki-Vantaa airport / Pori airport 35km away

      Train from Helsinki to Pori:
      Bus from Helsinki to Pori:
      Bus from Pori to Reposaari:

      Food and drinks:
      There will be a restaurant "wagon" on site where you can get fresh breakfast, meal and dinner with cash money. Please support them.
      3km away is also a nice restaurant what offers food otherwise during the nights. Grocery store 4km away.

      Pics and videos

      Click image for larger version

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        Accommodation will be on the comp site in camping village called "Siikaranta Camping". From the nearest cottage there is 20 meters to the comp site.

        All of the cottages are reserved for us till the end of March 2021. Make sure to progress with your booking before that or otherwise you might have to find accommodation way further. The cottages will go to public sales after March.

        Book via:

        Prices of the cottages:
        Siika hut (6 persons) - 100€/night
        Sauna cottage (4 persons) - 115€/night
        Shover cottage (4 persons) - 105€/night
        Camping cottage (4 persons) 65-75€/night
        Campervan spot 20-30€/night

        Bed linen are not included! To rent they cost 8€/per person.
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          To register for the competition please send following information to

          Age and gender:
          (Info for Junior and female classes. Junior is considered less than 15 years of age)
          EuroCrawl 2021 T-Shirt: (size / amount / with or without nickname)
          ERCCA T-Shirt: (size / amount)


          Performance Scale, Mini, Sportsman & Super: 20€/class
          Pro: 30€
          EuroCrawl 2021 T-Shirt: 25€
          ERCCA T-Shirt: 20€

          If you want to make the trip outside of Europe, you will compete without registration fee! You only pay for possible shirts.

          Drivers that has been driving on all of the three previous EuroCrawl competitions will get EuroCrawl 2021 Shirt for free!

          Registration ends: 12.08.2021!

          There is also a possibility to participate in Finnish RC Crawling Series Round 4 in Scale Class 1 and Scale Class 2 on saturday if you are not driving the EuroCrawl classes during this time! Let us know in your registration if you'd like to do so. Both will be driven in SORCCA Rules.


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              Oh man, I look at the post and the first thing I notice is that Sauna is part of the schedule!

              I hope I can match family holidays, work, and Eurocrawl in 2021...


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                Where is the nearest international airport to this one Samu.


                • roxx
                  roxx commented
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                  helsinki airport

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                Pori is the closest big city and it has an airport but I don't know if it's international airport...
                After that there's Turku and Tampere both of them closer than Helsiki.
                Again, not sure of international airports...


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                  Yeah, as Xkill said Pori is nearest, but it isn't international airport. Helsinki is the capital and 3,5h away from the comp site. Helsinki-Vantaa airport is the one that you will most likely fly.

                  I will put all the necassary info here in coming weeks.


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                    All info except for sponsors have now been updated! Registration is also open.


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                      registration done


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                        Thanks guys I look forward to more info soon.