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RC4WD EuroCrawl 2022 - Reposaari, Finland (19.-21.08.2022)

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  • Zarizi Tech
    Official pictures:

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  • Zarizi Tech
    Finally time to sit down and gather my thoughts about our amazing weekend in Reposaari, Finland for 2022 EuroCrawl!
    What I find pretty incredible that 52 drivers were on the line during the weekend participating in all five classes. 40 was my goal but we managed to better it by 12 drivers which is great considering all the misery in last two years. BIG thanks to all participants from all around Europe!
    We truely had the whole finnish summer in one weekend. Weather can be anything really and the conditions on sunday for example were truely something else. Big congrats to all of the drivers who were able to finish. It was a survival at some points but definately a comp to remember! In my opinion the courses were good and as far as I know only one Super gate was not possible in the comp. So very good job by course builders! All the organisational stuff went pretty smoothly also if you consider the difficulties we had with the weather. I'm glad everyone were up for the changes that were essential for a decent running of the event. Champions were made fair and square on the courses and not by other factors.

    First of all I need to thank my wife Janika. Supporting me throughout the comp week and helping with tons of stuff plus filming and keeping me hydrated. Also the 100+ hours of work before the event she has known the importance of this event for not only me but everyone in the crawling family. BIG thanks for understanding!

    Next I would like to thank my dad Pertti for helping with all the materials to the event and loaning the tents and all the supplies to Reposaari. This would be a different kind of event without all the merch. Also big thanks to Maarit for bringing the restaurant nearly 900km to south so the crawlers would get feeded in proper fashion. It truely was a gesture to remember and be thankful for. I think everyone was enjoying to get a bite in between and after the classes. Thank you!

    Props to Daniel for being the host on trophy ceremonies and doing it so well. Great to call you my friend! Thanks also to all of the guys who helped us building the site ready and tare it down during the weekend. Your help is greatly appreciated! Shout out to Katja for taking some awesome pics during the weekend. I'm currently going through them and they will be out in this weekend.

    Massive around of aplodes to all the sponsors:
    Psycho’Pat Crawler Parts
    Nsdrc Scaleparts
    Reef's RC Products
    Procrawler R/C
    Ravintola Meän Paikka
    Shift rcs
    Rocket RC
    Extreme Route - Rock Crawlers
    Pink Bits Custom Crawler Parts
    Progressive RC
    Moreno Creation's
    Dlux fab

    I think everyone got decent stuff from the raffle and seeing this many sponsors really keeps me motivated to organise even more. The importance of the shops and manufactors is a huge deal for us!
    As always I like to thank my fellow ERCCA board members João, Arve, Gabriele and Pat for helping me with the descisions of European crawling and helping a lot on comps as well.
    One more thanks to Siikaranta Camping for having us and giving the perfect place to organise this event. Everyone was so excited about the whole place and the staff was wonderful.

    Now I'd like to hear what were your thoughts about EuroCrawl's fourth edition? What was good and where we can improve?
    In 2024 we return to south. Stay tuned.

    - Samu / European RC Crawling Association

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  • Zarizi Tech


    Performance Scale:






    Best country:

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  • Zarizi Tech


    Saturday 20th of August
    07.00 Course building (Pro)
    08.00 Tech (Pro)
    08.20 Drivers and judges meeting (Pro)
    08.30 Courses 1-6 (Pro)
    09.00 Course building (Finnish National Championship Scale Class 1 & Scale Class 2)
    10.00 Tech (Finnish National Championship Scale Class 1 & Scale Class 2)
    10.30 Drivers and judges meeting (Finnish National Championship Scale Class 1 & Scale Class 2)
    10.40 Courses 1-4 (Finnish National Championship Scale Class 1 & Scale Class 2)
    15.30 Course building (Super)
    16.30 Tech (Super)
    16.50 Drivers and judges meeting (Super)
    17.00 Courses 1-4 (Super)
    21.00 Prize ceremony (Pro, Super & Finnish National Championship)
    22.00 Sauna

    Sunday 21st of August
    07.00 Course building (Sportsman)
    08.00 Tech (Sportsman)
    08.20 Drivers and judges meeting (Sportsman)
    08.30 Courses 1-5 (Sportsman)
    21.00 Prize ceremony (Sportsman, Overall, Best Country, Ladies, Junior, Buck & Finnish National Championship)
    22.00 Sauna
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  • JayeMTee
    Originally posted by Xkill View Post
    Not sure what that is but I'll have to try it!
    Could it be from Santa's stable?! He'll surely notice if they go missing

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  • Xkill
    Not sure what that is but I'll have to try it!

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  • Zarizi Tech

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20220815_192356_460.jpg?img=medium.jpg
Views:	97
Size:	108.1 KB
ID:	1013
    Ravintola Meän Paikka got you covered with this kind of a menu for the weekend. Restaurant will be open from 7.30am every day starting in the morning with breakfast before the drivers head out on the courses. During the day time coffee, snacks and pasteries will be offered by reception of the camping but food will be offered by Ravintola Meän Paikka pop up restaurant right next to it.

    Show the love and support for them and get your stomach filled with delicious food and drinks. Cash and card payments are accepted in the restaurant and reception.

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  • Zarizi Tech
    Five of the most interesting drivers in 2022 EuroCrawl Pro class part five:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	J9ZS9t5g_autoscaled.jpg?img=medium.jpg
Views:	108
Size:	122.4 KB
ID:	1011
    #20 Karl Berger, Austria
    A new name to the top games! Karl is currently the only driver who has beaten the defending European Champion after the 2019 EuroCrawl. This guy has tested a whole variety of axles under the Ventru chassis and has many hours behind the radio on them. One of the few drivers who actually drives only one class and uses all the concentrate on this. With a normal day of driving for Karl he is top ten material all the way but if he has a true driving day he is right up in the mix for the golden glory! Watch out for number 20 on courses next weekend!

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  • Zarizi Tech
    Five of the moat interesting drivers in 2022 EuroCrawl Pro class part four:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	70661833_2428432603904152_8695457140984250368_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg
Views:	110
Size:	158.4 KB
ID:	1009
    #2 Samu Sarka, Finland
    Defending World and fresh Nordic Champion is ready to turn the tables around in home soil! Updates to the Bully 2 have been made and it is now more competitive than ever. With many hours behind the wheel and two Finnish Championship titles since the last EuroCrawl, the preparation seems to be ready for trying to glinch back the championship. Can he be on the top? Keep your eyes peeled on number 2 on the courses!

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  • Zarizi Tech

    PRO: 48
    MINI: 15
    SUPER: 14

    Click image for larger version

Name:	245090746_10159722489321779_281197380214823548_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg
Views:	113
Size:	193.3 KB
ID:	1006
    Five of the most interesting drivers of 2022 EuroCrawl Pro class part three:

    #28 Jens Petter Kurland, Norway
    This is a driver mostly known from his exceptional skills of driving a Sportsman rig and placing well every time. Lately though he has been improving so much with Pro driving that he is seen as a contender on top honours in EuroCrawl this year! Jens Petter is no stranger to finals and these Nordic drivers definately are familiar with the terrain. Don't count the vikings and especially number 28 out of the contention!

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  • Zarizi Tech
    Five of the most interesting drivers in 2022 EuroCrawl Pro class part 2:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	70813794_2428433250570754_5951161751113302016_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg
Views:	141
Size:	145.8 KB
ID:	1004
    #1 Christian Pilsak, Germany
    Defending European Champion. Came to EuroCrawl 2019 by force and took the big trophy. This year it is time to defend the honours. Changes have been made to the trustworthy Ventru and the results have been excellent. Chris has won all of the comps he has driven after EuroCrawl except for one. So the performance standards are pretty high. But is it enough against the other big guns of European crawling? Soon it's about time to find out!

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  • Zarizi Tech
    Now as we did three years ago before EuroCrawl 2019 in Retz, this time also we will publish five most interesting drivers in Pro class on EuroCrawl 2022.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	70989743_2428431980570881_6098576371720650752_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg
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Size:	214.4 KB
ID:	1002
    #5 Patrice Bagnol, France
    One of the rare drivers to have made in all of the EuroCrawl Pro class finals from 2015 forwards. Pat is a class act with and without the radio in his hands and the people are expecting for him to do well again in European Championships. Some updates has come to the Ventru rig since the last time and Pat has been a top contender wherever he has been driving since then. Would it be the fourth time charm for the multiple French Champion? Don't take your eyes off from Number 5 on courses next weekend!

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  • Zarizi Tech
    Sponsors added!

    Originally posted by Zarizi Tech View Post

    Title sponsor:
    Click image for larger version Name:	original-1530x690.png?img=medium.png Views:	9 Size:	261.8 KB ID:	912
    For the third time running RC4WD is the title sponsor for EuroCrawl. This company has been constantly pushing onwards with reasonably priced quality crawler and scale products. The realism in the scale products and the quality of crawling products is widely known and bought around the world. We are extremely greatful of the products and the belief that they are willing to invest on our competition! Keep up the good work. Check out RC4WD at:

    Gold sponsors:

    Click image for larger version Name:	MeanPaikka_netti_logo.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	0 Size:	46.4 KB ID:	914
    We are pleased to announce that Cafe Restaurant Meän Paikka from Kolari, Finland will be present on the site offering food and snacks to buy throughout the whole weekend. A big commitment to come and do a pop up restaurant just for us all the way from Lapland! They also sponsor the custom made trophies for the competition so a Gold sponsorship is well deserved. A big thumbs up to them! This is a must visit restaurant of you are ever going to Lapland. Check them out at:

    Click image for larger version Name:	ShieldBlack.png?img=medium.png Views:	20 Size:	92.8 KB ID:	944
    We are very pleased to announce our next Gold Sponsor of EuroCrawl 2022 in Finland! Reef's RC Products from USA were excited to jump onboard for the first time to sponsor EuroCrawl. They are widely known for their awesome servo products for all the rigs that you might think. Don't hesitate to check them up when in need of servo products and all related to them at:

    Big thanks for supporting our event and the hobby. Thumbs up!

    Click image for larger version Name:	3RI_RwXM.png?img=medium.png Views:	2 Size:	16.0 KB ID:	955
    The highlight of the year is getting closer and closer. To celebrate that we are publishing our next Gold Sponsor of the competition! Procrawler R/C from Hungary wanted to step in the game of crawlers and the reputation of the brand goes way in front of it. Countless victories globally with Procrawler products on these last few years when they have been operating. This is probably your go to brand if you aim high. Professional customer service makes you smile from ear to ear and if the rumours are correct we will see a pop up tent of Procrawler R/C in Reposaari during the EuroCrawl.

    Chassis, servos, transmissions, wheels, you name it. They are all here:

    Click image for larger version Name:	NsdrcLogoVector202703.png?img=medium.png Views:	7 Size:	36.9 KB ID:	960
    Here is the next sponsor announcement. No Superior Designs RC (Nsdrc Scaleparts) from USA jumped in on the last minute to became a Gold Sponsor for the event. This company has supported countless events around USA and now they wanted to book a seat and take their products to European tour! Wide selection of top notch servos and servo parts can be found from their website:

    Please take a look on the selection and impressive work that they have done with the servos. Big thanks for supporting EuroCrawl 2022!

    Click image for larger version Name:	241491935_230208489169868_1616008691237159069_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	6 Size:	47.7 KB ID:	966
    As the comp gets closer we are glad to announce more sponosors of the event! Next Gold Sponsor is Extreme Route - Rock Crawlers from China. A fresh rather new vendor has bring the Extreme Route W3 Crawler to the Pro games and it will be very interesting to see if the success is as good as in Chinese market. We know for fact that at least one W3 Crawler will be starting in Reposaari but more than this, many drivers are using the Huge Pin tires from the very same vendor. They truely have lots to give to the discpline and are really kind to sponsor the 2022 main event in Europe. HUGE thanks.

    Go and check them out at:

    Click image for larger version Name:	288613933_762516924926114_4805003403726918865_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	18 Size:	13.1 KB ID:	986
    The Gold Sponsors keep on coming and this time we'll publish JN80 from Portugal! This company was very eager to join the list of sponsors and we are most glad they did! They are part of the relatively small group of companies that are actually importing RC Crawler and Scale accessories to Europe. RC4WD, Axial, Traxxas, Vanquish just to name few that they have on their shelf. Check them out and use their services to keep RC Comp Crawling parts easier accessible in Europe:

    Big thanks for the commitment and sponsoring the 2022 EuroCrawl!

    Click image for larger version Name:	IMG-20200701-WA0000.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	8 Size:	31.7 KB ID:	991
    While days are going really fast so is the number of the sponsors for 2022 EuroCrawl! The next Gold Sponsor is EuroRC from Finland! We are extremely delighted to see some finnish support on the event when it is so rare to get this kind of opportunity to hold the biggest crawling event in Europe in Finland. EuroRC is widely known throuout the Europe of it's vast number of products to everything connected to RC. Their customer service and speed is hard to match and it is so awesome to see them sponsoring the event. Roumours are also echoing through the woods of Finland that we would see their represantive showcasing and selling their products on site through the weekend. How awesome is that?!

    Please go to to spend your day on scrolling thour the products!

    Click image for larger version Name:	d010bec3-0205-43be-8551-070cca987e86%281%29.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	11 Size:	24.3 KB ID:	992
    Meanwhile we want to introduce already the eight Gold Sponsor of the event! Rocket RC from Italy decided that they want to be part of the 2022 EuroCrawl. Another chassis and carbon fiber parts manufactor to add already on the excisting line up of great sponsors. Rocket RC hold up a reputation of a good performing chassis line up which is used widely in European RC community. Go check them out at:

    A huge thanks to them for being part of our event!

    Click image for larger version Name: Views:	8 Size:	83.7 KB ID:	994
    Another Gold Sponsor coming from United States of America! Shift rcs is well known brand for high quality servos, servo horns and wheels. After hearing from this event they decided it is just too good to miss and we are extremely pleased and greatful about the commitment from them to sponsor our event. Great to see some many top of the line brands represented in EuroCrawl. Go check out the products from Shift rcs from here:

    Click image for larger version Name:	RFOT_logo_taustaton.png?img=medium.png Views:	9 Size:	135.7 KB ID:	996
    We are also approaching the end of our sponsor list but there is still few good ones to name. RFOT has been with us since day one and this time the team wanted to step in as a Gold Sponsor by not only helping massively on the organisational side but also filming the event and producing a highlight videos of each day of EuroCrawl 2022! These guys are working hard behind the scenes to make this competition so big and well run as it is possible. Big thanks for being with us once again! Check out the what's up with the team and some of the videos they have been making in:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	68417428_471663376751136_6568699493326258176_n.png?img=medium.png
Views:	171
Size:	93.7 KB
ID:	999
    Our last sponsor of EuroCrawl 2022 in Finland is Psycho’Pat Crawler Parts from France! They wanted to join for the fourth time to sponsor the event and being the only manufactor who has been with us since the beginning they jumped in as a Gold Sponsor. Psycho'Pat Crawler Parts is well known for top positions all around the world including the top step of Pro class in 2019 EuroCrawl! A true legend of making most of the 3D printed technology with unique designs! You can basically get all the parts to your rig from them and prepare a whole Psycho'Pat Crawler Parts Ventru rig to yourself. We are extremely happy to see them as a sponsor and even competing from the top positions in all five classes. Thanks again! Check them out at:

    Bronze sponsors:

    Click image for larger version Name:	V2%20Pink%20Resize%20JPEG.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	9 Size:	53.0 KB ID:	959
    More sponsor announcements coming your way! Our first Bronze Sponsor is coming all the way from Australia! Pink Bits Custom Crawler Parts wanted to step in as a sponsor and be part of the biggest comp crawling event in Euope this year. We are extremely pleased that our event is widely known and sponsors want to be a part of it. Pink Bits Custom Crawler Parts are offering chassis and parts to tune your Performance Scale rigs to the highest level! With defending World Champion driving with their chassis it's propably a good bet to take against the strong field of chassis manufactors everywhere else. Big thanks to them for sponsoring the highlight of 2022.

    Go along and take a look what they have to offer:

    Click image for larger version Name:	291333789_518126880038263_6871406141771729075_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	6 Size:	12.7 KB ID:	962
    More sponsorship announcements coming right up! Our next Bronze Sponsor is Dlux fab from USA. One of the all time great vendors of true comp crawling! Recently changed ownership but the level of products and customer service has remained or if possible even gotten better. From Dlux Fab you can find basically everything that you need for crawling. Parts to nearly all axles and classes. Full RTR rigs as well as KIT's. There's not quite other shop like Dlux Fab. Check them out at:

    Click image for larger version Name:	245142303_10221321375084916_3054940575605955485_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	0 Size:	36.3 KB ID:	969
    Time to publish our third Bronze Sponsor of EuroCrawl 2022. Progressive RC from Portugal wanted to join sponsoring the event and giving away some of his products. 3D printed parts on RC Crawlers for example updated Bully 2 axle housings and AR60 diff covers! Big thanks on notifing our event and see you soon! Go and see the products over here:

    Click image for larger version Name:	100971980_104092521328407_2490726937396248576_n.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	34 Size:	41.3 KB ID:	993
    Our fourth Bronze Sponsor comes from Spain! Moreno Creation's did not want to miss the party and they are excited to join the long list of sponsors. This vendor is offering multiple top quality chassis choises to Performance Scale. They have topped the tables in multiple competitions in Spain and they are constantly pushing more performance out of their creations. Go and have a look what else they are offering:

    Big thanks for jumping onboard as a sponsor!

    Click image for larger version Name:	OFFIPAITA_08-2022.jpg?img=medium.jpg Views:	6 Size:	12.7 KB ID:	998

    Last but not least Bronze Sponsor is from Finland! This company has done the textiles and everything that is used for advertising from the day one of EuroCrawl! This year will be no different. This time though as the competition is easier accessible for organisation we will have some new and cool stuff to make the event look even better. Offipaita will also be selling EuroCrawl and ERCCA T-Shirts, hoodies, caps and towels ON SITE so better save some money for suveniers. Big thanks to Offipaita for sticking with us and sponsoring the event once more! Check them out at:

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  • Zarizi Tech
    Originally posted by Xkill View Post
    No more diner on Thursday?
    Now that we have the restaurant on site we can all eat there. :-)

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  • Xkill
    No more diner on Thursday?

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