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  • Dani K
    Will there possibly be an offline Version?
    and is it possible to reset a Driver that has been accidentally started the Run (wrong Driver for example)

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  • JayeMTee
    This works great - tested it without issues last Sunday at a small gathering

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  • Zarizi Tech
    some updates
    +confirmation when save&exit pressed after run completed
    +force scale points negative
    +button to cancel empty runs
    +delete empty course even when comp has runs
    +delete crawler with no runs even when comp has runs
    +change scale points (doubleclick)
    +dnf button

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  • - A brand new home for all WRCCA and SORCCA competition results!

    A brand new home for all results of WRCCA Crawling and SORCCA Scale classes.

    The page is made to simplify and unite all the scorekeeping and results throughout the globe. It allowes you to create seasons, competions and to judge through your mobile device or a tablet. No more pens, papers and stop watches. It's all there.

    You are able to follow live all the competitions and individual performances and watch the individual course scores afterwards. This page counts the competition and season scores by pressing ONE button. Amazing. In this video there's all you need to know about the functions and abilities of the page.

    0:00 Introduction of the page
    3:02 The main site
    4:28 The test site
    5:40 My rules / Class and comp configuration
    6:23 Main comp settings 8:40 Final course settings
    9:10 Season rules
    10:41 Extra settings
    11:11 Driver info settings
    12:03 SORCCA Scale Class configuration
    14:57 Saving configurations
    15:54 Adding and event / season
    17:19 Adding classes
    17:50 Adding drivers and courses
    19:09 Course judging (Crawler classes)
    24:38 Finishing the class
    25:27 Adding Scale drivers
    26:10 Judge mode
    27:03 Course judging (Scale classes)
    30:25 Switching from judge mode to normal mode
    32:51 Adding second comp to a season
    34:45 Live viewing
    35:20 Season points and finishing a season
    36:12 Creating an individual competition
    36:48 Adding finals course
    41:01 End speech
    42:34 Application of accounts

    Created by antix from Estonia with the help of me it is first of it's kind and will be a great tool and archive for future.

    Official site:
    Test site:
    Send your account application and needs to
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