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Xkill Super build

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    I will be running the futaba with ou servo stregthener and see how they go about...
    They will be on 3s straight, no bec.

    This is how my "skid less" pro looks like.
    The super will be the same.

    Click image for larger version

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    Its only a bit of lexan so the rodends wont get stuck on the rocks.
    Its 25mm wide at the center and IMO works very well.


    • crawlercon
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      Sorry, took me a while to get back here. That a pretty cool concept. I'm guessing the lexan at the right is the front, and an electronics tray? I'm interesting in how the servos work without torque multipliers too. On my super the rear seems ok with the Hitec servos and strengtheners, but the front seem a little lacking. I finally bought the farm and got some Futaba A700s. I'll probably just throw one on the front and see how it does. If their advertised stats are accurate that is a hell of a strong servo, and doesn't change much as the battery runs down. I'd like to see how it compared to a Holmes servo powered on 4s. A700 might handle full 3s, some people say they run that way, but I doubt it will handle 4s. Just see if it gets hot I guess.
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    • Xkill
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      Yes, that is my electronics tray.
      Maybe I'll do something similar on the Super, I will see what space I have to work with once I make links.
      I think the servos will be fine...
      Also I don't have a programmer for the futabas so the strengthener would also mean buying that.

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    I hate building links!...
    I dont have a setup table for a Super so I made on the desk.
    Axles are fixed to the table with some wood screws.

    I am building the links with the rig at full bump.
    So far I'm using traxxas bigbores but I will have to solve the issue of preload of the springs.


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      Do you think the center piece is going to be strong enough to take the torsion brought by a super?


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        When I did my 2.2 pro I made a 2mm plate with holes on it and I also cut an extra piece (spare), because I was not sure it would hold the abuse.
        7 years of abuse after it's still the OG piece...

        This will be 4mm without any holes so I think it will hold up.
        If not I will cut another one because I didn't do a spare one this time...


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          Latest Super Updates.
          I have tires and I also have the temporary links made.
          I will use 5mm Ti on the lower links and 4mm on the top links.